Friday, 13 September 2013


August a month for wedding anniversaries, our 25th and Hannah and Jason's 1st.
Hannah and Jay have been married a year but have been together a lot longer, their wedding was a lovely event and it is good to know that Hannah has met someone who makes her happy. They look after each other so well and are great parents to our absolutely gorgeous grandchildren.

At the beginning of our annual leave Chris and I celebrated our 25th, we decided to spend the day by ourselves and go on a picnic (which I have always loved to do since I was a child).
The day started with a cup of tea in bed for me, then we had breakfast together. Chris then gave me my present, a beautiful silver bracelet with butterfly's on and a pair of earrings I said I liked.

I had already given Chris my gift, it was a garden bench. I know it sounds weird, but Chris likes to sit outside and have a smoke in private (he is a great believer in privacy) so with the garden bench installed, he is a happy man.

After opening our cards Chris asked me to go on Facebook, when I got on to my page there was a message from Chris, it was a song he had written and recorded the day before called '25 years', it was a beautiful song and a present that is priceless, worth so much more than any material gift.

When our picnic was ready we went off for our walk along the coastal path. we found a lovely spot and set out our food, chatted and enjoyed our home made cream tea and the pink champagne with strawberries (of course). After a few hours of enjoying the breath taking views and polishing off the champagne, we decided to head back home and chill out before having our evening meal.

All I can say is that it was a wonderful day spent with a
very important person and here's to many years of memory making, family gatherings at least two more weddings and more grandchildren (hopefully!).


The rest of my holiday went in a flash, so fast I can't even remember what I wait a minute hey that's right I painted  my kitchen and I'm very happy with the result too :)

Well, take care

Thursday, 15 August 2013

catching up.

This is the first blog I have written in about six weeks or more,just do not know where the time has gone. I took  part in the race for life with my two daughters in Truro  on July14th  (at least I think it was) My husband Chris came along to supprt us all which was great except when he decided to take photographs of us doing our warm up exercises! ( and I have not put them on here either!)
It must of been one of the hottest days ever certainly felt like it!

Lets see  what  else is there  ah yes that thing called work  but I have to confess I do love my job. It is great to go out in the mornings knowing that today will not be the same as yesterday.

The second weekend in August Issyb organised a manicure for me as a birthday present, my mum and sister joined us along with my Granddaughter.  My lovely granddaughter then came for a sleep over we had a wonderful afternoon and evening.Sunday was also good my eldest daughter Hannah and son in law and my Grandson came over, my son was also there plus my mum and sister, the sun was shiniing and we ate a buffet tea in the court yard.

Monday, my birthday, Hannah and the children made me breakfast in bed which was a nice suprise then  I opened my cards and presents.
  my,mum and sister arrived and  more relaxing in the court yard, my girls cooked a roast dinner which was delicious and more birthday cake yum!.unfortunately the day had to end Hannah and crew had to go home as Jason had to go to work.It was also our last night with Issyb who was going back to Keele on Tuesday the time seems to have gone so quickly but we all had a great weekend.

So a big thank you to all my family for a wonderful weekend and to Chris for doing piles of washing up and most of all for being there always.  

 Tuesday morning Issyb had a coach to catch so Chris and I dropped her off at Hannah's house said our goodbyes and went  off to work.

Thank goodness I had work because although Issyb has left before it does not get easier at all but i did get the promised updates as she travelled and when Matt, her boyfriend met her at the other end and I could speak to her when we got home, I know she was tired but she sounded happy which was lovely to hear.
So thats me up date
,Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Take care Sarah-Jane 

Friday, 21 June 2013

mug swap

Hello to all, thought It was about time I shared my mug swap with you.

My partner was Margaret Blythe and as you will be able to see she picked  not only a lovely mug but a tea pot to match and  I have to say the only one (in my somewhat modest colllection of teapots) that has come from abroad.

 So my south African  teapot is on my kitchen shelf for all to admire and my mug is being put to good use.

So a big thank you to Margaret and to my daughter Hannah for pairing us up

.Here's to the next mug swap.

Monday, 10 June 2013

The day trip

Well I cannot believe that a whole week has gone by since I picked up Isobelle from uni.but time waits for no man and Issyb did not hang around either! down with all her belongings and an eightieth birthday lunch  (her grandmas) then back up to Keele for the end of year ball.

Made it up to Staffordshire in about six and a half hours it was lovely to see Isobelle again  not so good was the sight of several boxes and bags both inside and outside her room and along the corridor! and a  few  flights of stairs between us and the car.!

Issyb made me a much needed cup of tea and we decided to wait for Isobelle's boyfriend Matt to arrive to help us load up her worldly goods.. (well we thought it a brilliant idea!)

This was the first time I met him in person but it did not feel like it Matt was very chatty and we never appeared to be striving for things to talk about. The loading of the car did not take too long with the .three of us.
After the car was loaded Issyb treated me to lunch in the local pub which was just around the corner afterwards we walked back to the car.

Matt had already offered to drive part of the way
home which was a nice treat for me.

So back on the road again on a very hot day Issyb very cramped in the back! ( there are a few advantages to being a driver or co pilot in my case!)

We got as far as Taunton and met Matt's parents, and they were off to Plymouth while we headed back to good old Cornwall.

Arrived back at the homestead around eightish and decided to unload after a good nights sleep.

It was so good to be home.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Food Festival Weekend

Hello can not believe we are in May already.
Just want to go back a few weekends ago when our Village had a food and music festival this is a fairly young affair and we were lucky the weather was fantasic.

There were stalls on both sides of the harbour some craft some food and a few plant stalls.
All of which are locally produced also a lot of tasting opportunities to be had if any one wanted to have a try before buying. 
Live music playing as there were stages on both sides of the harbour as well. 
So the aroma of differnt foods being cooked and music playing created a wonderful atmostphere.

My eldest daughter Hannah and her Husband with our grandchildren came over and Isobelle (my youngest daughter) was also home, the only member of the family who did not join us was my son because,he does not enjoy crowds so he went to spend the weekend with his girlfriend.

At the very end of the harbour there was a fair ground organ it was a wonderful sight to see and they had opened the back so everyone could see how it worked.

My grandaughter had set her heart set on some candyfloss so Hannah and I went on the hunt,we kept seeing people with candyfloss .

 We then headed for the area where the festival organisers had set up for children and there in the corner was the man with the candyfloss machine :) .....
 with a very long queue :( 

When my granddaughter finally got her candyfloss it was nearly as big as her! but she was happy We then desided that we needed a break from the crowds so made our way home

.It was good to chill and sit in the back yard to get a second wind my sister arrived and Hannah and I went back down with her.
Isobelle came up with two friends and sat in the court yard for the evening; 
Me....I went off to work but I had a wonderful day.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sister and Daughter

My daughter Issyb and my big sister have always had a joint birthday celebration as their birthdays are the 21st and 22nd of March.

However this year there was a slight hiccup of a few hundred miles between Issyb and the rest of us,so they had their own celebrations Then when Issyb came home we had to set a date for the family get together believe me due to work patterns this was not as easy as it seems!

So last Sunday was the date set nearly all the family together and my sister chipped in with pudding, a very scrummy cheese cake. I made a birthday cake that was gluten free and vegan, I am pleased to say the cake turned out rather well and extremely chocolatey.

We sat around our dining table and had a really good time despite the fact my lovely grandchildren and son in law could not make it due to an outbreak of chicken pox. So the birthday girls did have their annual celebration after all.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

My boy

As you know, I am a proud mum and grandma, having mentioned my two lovely daughters, a briefly mentioned my other half I felt it was time to introduce my boy, I call him my boy but he is 21! 

After spending seven months begrudgingly on job seekers following his graduation he has been offered a job! We are very proud as he managed to get a job in the field that he studied at university, meaning he's doing something he enjoys! 

As with all my children he has grown up to be a lovely well mannered young person (who is also not afraid to say what he thinks!) He also likes his own space( as do most of this family) 

Chris and I are very lucky to have these three wonderful young people in our lives.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Hopeful Holiday

I have a weeks annual leave and there are so many things I want to do but my week just does not seem long enough! Having just finished a three night stint, I feel the first day is for a quick nap (though I can not sleep away my holidays)

So I've decided to make a list of things to do with my week:
Spend some time with my youngest daughter while she is home from uni  (and not out at work)
Visiting my other daughter who lives 30 minutes drive away (this also so means I get to see my gorgeous grandchildren too).
I really must decorate my bedroom and it is best done while my lovely man is at work but he does have to help move the furniture first!
Get back into my exercise routine, before I did these nights I had been doing a lot of walking (that is for another blog I think)
Maybe I can also catch up on a little reading as well.

Well that is about all I may or may not fit in for the week! I'll hopefully get to spend time on my blog too, oh and I almost forgot we have a double birthday celebration with family at the weekend, a lovely week to look forward to!

I hope you all have a good week too!

Grandma's Little Corner

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Quiet Sunday?

Well that was my first idea anyway, relax on Easter Sunday with no driving as I had driven back from Wales the day before. I got up thinking what am I going to do today? My eldest daughter rang up and asked what I had planned, 'nothing' says I. She thought it would be nice to spend the day together and how right she was.

What a lovely day, my family together, apart from my son who spent the day with his girlfriend and her  family. My two gorgeous grandchildren, my two equally gorgeous daughters, the son in law and my wonderful husband Chris (who did all the clearing away of the rather large dinner we had and then vacuumed at the end of the day) What a great way to spend Easter Sunday?

Hope everyone had a good Easter too.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Breaking the Ice

Hello, I thought I would break the ice of my first blog post with a few pictures from my first visit to Wales on Good Friday. We (my husband and I) went to visit a friend who had moved up there before Christmas, and also to pick up our youngest daughter from Cardiff. My friend and her partner have bought a house very near to the Brekon Beacons, whilst Cornwall is a beautiful county, Wales has a different beauty (I do have to say Cornwall is a lot warmer!) My friend and I went for a walk well wrapped up, the wind was absolutely freezing but the walk was enjoyable, the ponies were very friendly and everywhere you looked there were sheep. My husband and I had a lovely time but we were also looking forward to picking up our daughter who we hadn't seen since she went back to uni after Christmas. After a quick stroll around Cardiff we headed back to Cornwall for a good nights sleep!

                                      These are just a few of the photos I took on our walk.