Friday, 13 September 2013


August a month for wedding anniversaries, our 25th and Hannah and Jason's 1st.
Hannah and Jay have been married a year but have been together a lot longer, their wedding was a lovely event and it is good to know that Hannah has met someone who makes her happy. They look after each other so well and are great parents to our absolutely gorgeous grandchildren.

At the beginning of our annual leave Chris and I celebrated our 25th, we decided to spend the day by ourselves and go on a picnic (which I have always loved to do since I was a child).
The day started with a cup of tea in bed for me, then we had breakfast together. Chris then gave me my present, a beautiful silver bracelet with butterfly's on and a pair of earrings I said I liked.

I had already given Chris my gift, it was a garden bench. I know it sounds weird, but Chris likes to sit outside and have a smoke in private (he is a great believer in privacy) so with the garden bench installed, he is a happy man.

After opening our cards Chris asked me to go on Facebook, when I got on to my page there was a message from Chris, it was a song he had written and recorded the day before called '25 years', it was a beautiful song and a present that is priceless, worth so much more than any material gift.

When our picnic was ready we went off for our walk along the coastal path. we found a lovely spot and set out our food, chatted and enjoyed our home made cream tea and the pink champagne with strawberries (of course). After a few hours of enjoying the breath taking views and polishing off the champagne, we decided to head back home and chill out before having our evening meal.

All I can say is that it was a wonderful day spent with a
very important person and here's to many years of memory making, family gatherings at least two more weddings and more grandchildren (hopefully!).


The rest of my holiday went in a flash, so fast I can't even remember what I wait a minute hey that's right I painted  my kitchen and I'm very happy with the result too :)

Well, take care