Sunday, 31 March 2013

Breaking the Ice

Hello, I thought I would break the ice of my first blog post with a few pictures from my first visit to Wales on Good Friday. We (my husband and I) went to visit a friend who had moved up there before Christmas, and also to pick up our youngest daughter from Cardiff. My friend and her partner have bought a house very near to the Brekon Beacons, whilst Cornwall is a beautiful county, Wales has a different beauty (I do have to say Cornwall is a lot warmer!) My friend and I went for a walk well wrapped up, the wind was absolutely freezing but the walk was enjoyable, the ponies were very friendly and everywhere you looked there were sheep. My husband and I had a lovely time but we were also looking forward to picking up our daughter who we hadn't seen since she went back to uni after Christmas. After a quick stroll around Cardiff we headed back to Cornwall for a good nights sleep!

                                      These are just a few of the photos I took on our walk.