Thursday, 15 August 2013

catching up.

This is the first blog I have written in about six weeks or more,just do not know where the time has gone. I took  part in the race for life with my two daughters in Truro  on July14th  (at least I think it was) My husband Chris came along to supprt us all which was great except when he decided to take photographs of us doing our warm up exercises! ( and I have not put them on here either!)
It must of been one of the hottest days ever certainly felt like it!

Lets see  what  else is there  ah yes that thing called work  but I have to confess I do love my job. It is great to go out in the mornings knowing that today will not be the same as yesterday.

The second weekend in August Issyb organised a manicure for me as a birthday present, my mum and sister joined us along with my Granddaughter.  My lovely granddaughter then came for a sleep over we had a wonderful afternoon and evening.Sunday was also good my eldest daughter Hannah and son in law and my Grandson came over, my son was also there plus my mum and sister, the sun was shiniing and we ate a buffet tea in the court yard.

Monday, my birthday, Hannah and the children made me breakfast in bed which was a nice suprise then  I opened my cards and presents.
  my,mum and sister arrived and  more relaxing in the court yard, my girls cooked a roast dinner which was delicious and more birthday cake yum!.unfortunately the day had to end Hannah and crew had to go home as Jason had to go to work.It was also our last night with Issyb who was going back to Keele on Tuesday the time seems to have gone so quickly but we all had a great weekend.

So a big thank you to all my family for a wonderful weekend and to Chris for doing piles of washing up and most of all for being there always.  

 Tuesday morning Issyb had a coach to catch so Chris and I dropped her off at Hannah's house said our goodbyes and went  off to work.

Thank goodness I had work because although Issyb has left before it does not get easier at all but i did get the promised updates as she travelled and when Matt, her boyfriend met her at the other end and I could speak to her when we got home, I know she was tired but she sounded happy which was lovely to hear.
So thats me up date
,Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Take care Sarah-Jane