Monday, 6 May 2013

Food Festival Weekend

Hello can not believe we are in May already.
Just want to go back a few weekends ago when our Village had a food and music festival this is a fairly young affair and we were lucky the weather was fantasic.

There were stalls on both sides of the harbour some craft some food and a few plant stalls.
All of which are locally produced also a lot of tasting opportunities to be had if any one wanted to have a try before buying. 
Live music playing as there were stages on both sides of the harbour as well. 
So the aroma of differnt foods being cooked and music playing created a wonderful atmostphere.

My eldest daughter Hannah and her Husband with our grandchildren came over and Isobelle (my youngest daughter) was also home, the only member of the family who did not join us was my son because,he does not enjoy crowds so he went to spend the weekend with his girlfriend.

At the very end of the harbour there was a fair ground organ it was a wonderful sight to see and they had opened the back so everyone could see how it worked.

My grandaughter had set her heart set on some candyfloss so Hannah and I went on the hunt,we kept seeing people with candyfloss .

 We then headed for the area where the festival organisers had set up for children and there in the corner was the man with the candyfloss machine :) .....
 with a very long queue :( 

When my granddaughter finally got her candyfloss it was nearly as big as her! but she was happy We then desided that we needed a break from the crowds so made our way home

.It was good to chill and sit in the back yard to get a second wind my sister arrived and Hannah and I went back down with her.
Isobelle came up with two friends and sat in the court yard for the evening; 
Me....I went off to work but I had a wonderful day.