Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sister and Daughter

My daughter Issyb and my big sister have always had a joint birthday celebration as their birthdays are the 21st and 22nd of March.

However this year there was a slight hiccup of a few hundred miles between Issyb and the rest of us,so they had their own celebrations Then when Issyb came home we had to set a date for the family get together believe me due to work patterns this was not as easy as it seems!

So last Sunday was the date set nearly all the family together and my sister chipped in with pudding, a very scrummy cheese cake. I made a birthday cake that was gluten free and vegan, I am pleased to say the cake turned out rather well and extremely chocolatey.

We sat around our dining table and had a really good time despite the fact my lovely grandchildren and son in law could not make it due to an outbreak of chicken pox. So the birthday girls did have their annual celebration after all.


  1. It was lovely. And yey! Edited photos!! xxx

  2. What a great post!! So sweet!! Now I am really hankerin' for some cake!! :)

    1. Thanks Janette so sorry have taken so long to reply am glad you enjoyed it. not to rub it in but the cake was rather good!