Monday, 10 June 2013

The day trip

Well I cannot believe that a whole week has gone by since I picked up Isobelle from uni.but time waits for no man and Issyb did not hang around either! down with all her belongings and an eightieth birthday lunch  (her grandmas) then back up to Keele for the end of year ball.

Made it up to Staffordshire in about six and a half hours it was lovely to see Isobelle again  not so good was the sight of several boxes and bags both inside and outside her room and along the corridor! and a  few  flights of stairs between us and the car.!

Issyb made me a much needed cup of tea and we decided to wait for Isobelle's boyfriend Matt to arrive to help us load up her worldly goods.. (well we thought it a brilliant idea!)

This was the first time I met him in person but it did not feel like it Matt was very chatty and we never appeared to be striving for things to talk about. The loading of the car did not take too long with the .three of us.
After the car was loaded Issyb treated me to lunch in the local pub which was just around the corner afterwards we walked back to the car.

Matt had already offered to drive part of the way
home which was a nice treat for me.

So back on the road again on a very hot day Issyb very cramped in the back! ( there are a few advantages to being a driver or co pilot in my case!)

We got as far as Taunton and met Matt's parents, and they were off to Plymouth while we headed back to good old Cornwall.

Arrived back at the homestead around eightish and decided to unload after a good nights sleep.

It was so good to be home.

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  1. Great post Mum! I don't look remotely impressed to be trapped in that car, and in all fairness I wasn't! Can't complain with it being mostly all my belongings crushing me! :) xxx